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Youthful age a source of economic development

Being a Youth is not a title that one should carry on his forehead but a call to duty, a mandate to serve, knowing that you were created for purpose”. Having established the above fact, as a Youth, you should remember that you are a marketer with a ‘product’ to ‘sell’ to the “world”, and tic your product to be acceptable like every other products, you have to do something that will attract someone to the product.

You must understand that the competition in the society is high, where people can now openly profess what and where they and they do all things to lure someone else to that their product. As such, we must learn to apply the basic techniques in projecting our product for the world to see.

But the question is, “How can one do this? Simple, as a good salesman, you must: be qualitative, have the sense of repackaging, be attractive in your appearance, know the impact of advertisement and must be able to sale the brand.


Furthermore, you must understand that the time is short. Any delay today is giving another person room to explore and any missed target will be difficult to reclaimed.

Therefore develop for yourself a good management time plan. Go out for promo sales (i.e evangelism, crusades etc), tell people about what they stand to gain when using your product. Tell them about the people who are already benefiting from the product and persuade them to join in the victory match.


Finally, dearly beloved, do not see yourself as a mere youth in the church, but see yourself as the salesman and the church as a product. Then go out and begin to sale the product. There is someone out there without the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and the benefits of following Him.

 Jesus t you also can draw another man to Him As you read this, please do not continue staying indoors, go out today and catch that wandering soul to Christ and He shall greatly repay you for this.
I wish you success as you start selling the product today.

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