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Many families today seem to be happy and stable when all is going on well at home. But mostly, the reverse is always the case when things are awful and unfulfilling. The question is, when there is no food, trust and other necessities that makes life worth living, how do you relate with your spouse and children so that the home can still be at peace and in order. Again, what are those things which you can do in your family in order to co-ordinate and bring all the members of your family together in love and unity.
In this article, I shall consider some important factors that can help build that broken home and as well repair the house in despair.

Important factors that can help you build that broken home are has follows;

Communication: This can be defined as the activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information. This is to say, for your home to be viable, all channels of communication needs to be kept open, i.e through mobile emails, WhatsApp, 2go, 1Facebook, Tweeter etc, for cases whereby you are not with your family. When you are at home, always create ‘time for discussion with your family and when you are away, always make use of any of the above devices. Note that when you are not communicating, someone else is. This is a wakeup call.

Make Time: The second factor is that you must spend time together. Spending time at home with your family is so essential if the family t be harmonious. No work, business, or engagement (no matter pay) is worth your family’s harmony. Never give more attention to your work than you give to your family. Let it always ring in your mind that your spouse wants you, your children needs you around, I Sam. 1:8 Elkanah was always spending time with his wife Hannah, that was why he could noticed that his wife (Hannah) was weeping and he consoled her deeply.


Word of Encouragement: The third factor is to encourage each other with sweet words. This factor is so much missing in many homes. If it’s not true, ask yourself the last time you encouraged your spouse or children. 95% of people are fond of condemning and blaming their own but when they meet someone outside, they speak sweet words of encouragement. Today I charge you to go home and start from your home. I love the story of Facona Pratney about her journey with her husband (Winkie). How I wish you read the story, then you will have a clear knowledge of what I am saying. I Thess. 5:11 Paul’s advise is that you should encourage one another and build one another up...

Unconditional Love: The fourth factor is that you show unconditional love. I am not saying that you should show love, rather, I am saying “unconditional” love. Most times, people seems to be friendly when no one has err or wrong them, but a little of the opposite is war, malice, quarrel etc. This is because their love for one another is not unconditional. Here, despite our level of mischievousness, God still loves us and he expects us to emulate this characteristic in approaching one another at home. No matter what the other person does, we should be able to approach the person with our unconditional love. This is the type of love that is greater than Hope and Faith. If you develop this kind of love, then it will be impossible for you to see the mistake of others”.

Avoid Sidelining: The last factor to be considered here is that you must learn to know the other person, be each other’s best friend, and enjoy one another’s company. At this point, the power of dos and don’ts comes in to play. It is paramount you understand the feelings of others. You must study to know the likes and dislikes of the other person. Make sure that, out of their one million friends, you are the No. 1 (best friend). And learn to enjoy the company of your spouse and children. I know of a woman who is really happy when the husband is not at home, but the moment he returns home, she is bored. This is because she is not seeing the husband as her best friend and as such do not love his company. Until you know your spouse and children, it will be impossible to trust and believe in them.

Therefore, I enjoin you to go back to the place of knowing the members of your household.

If you apply the above factors, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, surely, you will have a variable home where others will love and emulate.

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