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What does it take to be a great man? How does one rise to greatness? What can someone do to become great? These are questions that plough the minds of many. The answers to the above questions are quite simple. However greatness does not come through making frequent excuses or laziness. A simple tip is that you can become great when you focuses on your God-given talent.


Talent is a Hidden Treasure God has deposited in every human on earth. It is a blessing waiting to be harnessed. Focusing and trying to develop the talent in you can catapult you to greatness. Excuses? Oh yes! The world is full of great inventors. Those who are failures are experts at making excuses. Focus is strength and capability that pushes on an individual’s talent to create, Provide and produce. Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’.

Ours is a world where people do not know what they want or where to go to get solution to their predicament. The solution is it helps push the desire to achieve success. The mind does not reach its achievement until it is clear objective and this is attained through focusing on our talent.

Our talent is constantly elevated through focus. Focusing on our talent, creates new energy and pushes us to become better than before. Even when we do not accomplish all we desire or others do not come to our aid but we can always derive satisfaction in the fact that we have used the potentials God gave us to the fullest of our ability and this is quite encouraging. However, this is easily achieved through focus.

Every goal in destiny can only be achieved through being focused. Imbibing the spirit of being focused on our God-given talent can make us talented persons. A person who lacks focus in anything always end up half-way and cannot achieve much of his goal. A lot of youths end up complaining that they have suffered so much but cannot make headway in life.

The truth is that they are not really focusing on the talent in them rather they are living on borrowed ideas, technologies, way of life, etc. It should be noted that without focus, no matter how many times you have tried and failed, you can still fail again. So start becoming more focused on your talent and then you will discover the tremendous power in you and the things you can accomplish by effectively utilizing your talent.

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Do you always find yourself makings excuse and blaming others or full of Giving and hiterious explanation as the cause of failure? A lot of youth fail by investing their strength on giving an excuse and blaming others, you can fall down many time but you want be a failure except you stop complaining that someone else pushed you.

What drive great men to the “top” what make the take risk, go extra mile and do whatever it take to achieved their goal? It’s isn’t an excuse nor laziness, it is being focused and hardworking. For success to come you must do away with excuses, don’t complain, do a right job at a right time. It is always an easier way to success than fabricating and wasting your time and energy thinking of giving excuses instead of carrying your responsibilities.

It is wonderful to fail and get u again but the idea is drop excuse accept your mistake and learn from them. At some your light will begin to shine and give you a direction because building into every painful experience is the wisdom to build a better future; All what you need is the perspective and willingness to learn. Always quit from giving excuse and accept responsibilities for your life.

You can not be a failure until you stop blaming that someone forced you. Nearly all failure come from people who have the habit of making excuses. The book of proverbs say work bring profit, talk bring poverty; if you are good at making excuse, it is hard to excel stop complaining and never relax.

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What you are committing yourself to be wilt change you from what you want to become. Believing and lifting your talent build in you courageous and empowerment to become a talent plus person.

Talent without focus is never enough. It cannot come into existence nor create in you the potential picture of what to be come. If you want to become your best you need to believe and put in the best of your talent.

Believing in the best of your talent bring out a clear picture of your potential and what you can become, don’t help others in relocating into your boat by looking down on yourself as a container instead of seeing yourself as a content.

Always quit from making excuses, accept your responsibilities, imbibe the spirit of focus with a sense of determination coupled with an inner ability to excel, this is what gingers and spores up your talent to come to fruition.

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