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Divorce is a situation whereby a legally married couple separate or dissolves their matrimony. Divorce can be carried out in a law court, but can also be decided by the couple. These days, the issue of divorce has become the rules rather than the exception. 

Fact about Divorce in the society

1. Extramarital Affairs: Foremost is infidelity, this situation where either of the couple engages in extramarital affairs. In most cases, these affairs end up in pregnancy, giving rise to children outside matrimony. Most men or women cannot bear the sight of their spouses keeping a lover outside, let alone bringing a child from outside into the family, this, more than anything else is responsible for the rising wake of divorce in our society.

2. Preference of the male child over the female: Impotence accounts for some of the divorce today. Some couple stay for as long as fifteen years or more before getting children. In most cases, the man threatens or even sacks the wife and marries another. There are even cases where men divorce their wives because they have not been able to give birth to male children.

3. Family Background:  The present state of the economy has no doubt, contributed to some women divorcing their husbands, and going in search of greener pastures. Every day, we hear ones of women abandoning their husbands and children and going o prostitution, just to make ends meet. Such women must have fed up with deteriorating standard of living in their families a result of bad economy.

4. Alcoholism: Alcoholism cannot be ruled out as far as divorce is concern. There have been several instances of men coming back late in the night, drunk. More often than not, wives of such men received severe beatings at the slightest provocation. Wives, who cannot continue to cope with this daily beating bolt away, never to return. Alcohol has rendered so many men unproductive and irresponsible, they can no longer cater for the family, because no sooner do they receive their pay, than they deposit’ it with the barman. Most women call it quit after they can’t cope feeding the children, as their husband has proved irresponsible.

5. Intolerance: Intolerance has broken so many homes. Most people do not know that to be able to stay together, both husband and wife must be able to tolerate each other. No one is an angel. Everyone has virtues, as well as vices and people should understand this. If both husband and wife really love each other, then they should be able to overlook some of each other’s bad aspects, people should therefore be physically and psychologically mature before marrying, as immature couples have not been known to be tolerant.

6. Women Liberation: Another factor rocking marriages today is women liberation. In these days when women feel enslaved and want to be set free, activities towards this freedom have ended in divorce. So many men can’t bear to share equal rights with their wives neither can they keep quiet when their wives shy away from their divine duties. Most women have forgotten that the man is the head of the family, and that the woman should submit herself the man. When the woman begins to assert freedom and equality with the counterpart. It usually ends in physical combat, a situation capable of making the woman pack.

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