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How your Mentality Determine your Destiny

Your mentality determines your destiny. A lot of girls have the potentials and capabilities to not only build institution but an entire nation. In the first instance, we all have some goodness which encompasses potential, talent and every good quality that can make us productive and stand out.

However, these days, many of such potentials are never discovered and are therefore eventually wasted because an average Nigerian girl has grown to believe that the only way to achieve anything is to “give out her body to men” I can’t help but wonder if its because we are ignorant of our capabilities and the fact that we can’t make it or it’s because we are lazy? And would rather have beauty than brains not knowing that some men think far better than they see.

Whatever the case may be, there are chances that these girls may not fulfill their destinies. This is because the more a girl rely on sleeping with men for favour which include material things, good grades etc. the weaker her productivity becomes.

I could go on and on but my question is, are we interested in being someone important in life? Nowadays youth seems to be so lazy and are not ready to study yet, they want to make money so quickly. They also want to wear the latest designer clothing and cars that their parent cannot afford. Now if we can’t harness our potentials at a young age and when our brain is still vibrant, when will we?

The funny thing is that this beauty that we concentrate on to endear ourselves to men will fade someday and even before it does, we know men have a short attention span, there’ll always be a younger and fresher girls on the queue and when we are no longer as attractive as we use to be, what will we fall back on? What will give our great satisfaction in life? What purpose will we fulfill in life at the end of the day?

My dear sisters, though you have heard that it’s a man’s world, it is not true that you have to sleep with a man to have good things of life or achieve success in your academics or career. It is the fact that even if you are living in abject poverty, there’s no reason for you to turn yourself into a sex slave and sell your body and your spiritual beauty because all this renders useless.

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